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Understanding the Olfactory Pyramid

The raw materials that make up the perfume in succession are distinguished by the degree of volatility and persistence. The perfumer follows a method that divides materials into three levels based on these characteristics: the olfactory pyramid.

Keeping in mind the pyramid, its artistic sense and its other notions and tools. create the different fragrances.

The Pyramid

Top, heart and base notes.

The top notes are those that are immediately perceived. It is the head of the perfume, composed of volatile products. Defines freshness (citrus, green notes...). They fade rather quickly.

They evaporate in 5-15 minutes

Heart notes represent the heart of the perfume. They are made up of less volatile components (flowers, fruit, spices...) which prevail over the top notes. They have good persistence.
They evaporate in 20-60 minutes

The base notes are composed of more tenacious essences (woods, resins, amber, vanilla, musks). These are the notes that give the perfume its sillage.
They evaporate in about 6 hours.