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Signature of a perfume for "woman of the world", Lys Noir affirms its style through an elegant play of chiaroscuro around the captivating and opulent scent of the lily. Spiced in the top note with black pepper, Lys Noir then develops a voluptuous trail, composed of intoxicating flowers: lily, tuberose and narcissus infuse this mysterious fragrance with their animal facets. In the base notes, patchouli spreads its dark and attractive power, while playing with the dark accords of ebony and creamy sandalwood. This "forbidden game" is then wrapped in the softness of a veil of musk.



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In 1924, the first edition of Le Lys Noir was beautifully presented in a bottle signed Julien Viard and a box made by the famous Maison Sorys.

Like Le Gardénia, La Route d'Emeraude or Le Mimosa, Lys Noir is one of the first Isabey perfumes to have contributed to the prestige of the house. It was first redesigned in 2014 and now in 2017, keeping Isabey's emblematic art-deco codes.

Lys Noir is a mysterious and desirable fragrance for elegant women with glamorous style and allure, who leave behind an unforgettable signature wherever they go...

Top notes: black pepper

Heart notes: lily, tuberose, heliotrope, narcissus

Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

Spray: 50ml,



Baron Henri James de Rothschild comes from the English branch of this illustrious 7th family. This brilliant philanthropist, doctor of medicine, is passionate about the research work of Pierre and Marie Curie, which he supports. Aware of the commercial challenges of booming luxury perfumery, Henri James de Rothschild understands that perfume is a uniquely French way of life that is exported around the world.
It was with his support that the Paris Society of Rare Essences and Perfumes was founded on March 5, 1924

Isabey refers to the French painter and illuminator of the same name whose many works had been acquired by the Rothschilds during the 19th century. A name with a beautiful resonance, refined perfumes presented in artistic bottles and cases, this is what was needed at all costs to be able to participate in the highly anticipated International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts in Paris in April 1925.

about-img-6 Celebrity Perfumes

The phenomenon of the perfumes of celebrities and muses of theater or cinema
it does not date back to the present day. Isabey launches into the competition with Parfum d'Yvonne
Printemps and Parfum de Sacha Guitry, two giants of the Parisian scene…
Then for Natalina Cavalieri, whose notoriety and legendary beauty interest the world of perfumers and cosmetics. By creating her Beauty Institute, Lina Cavalieri signed a line of skin care products and her perfume under license with Parfums Isabey, which she baptized Monna Lina, a name chosen in reference to the famous portrait of the Mona Lisa by Leonard de Vinci.


In the 1930s, Isabey perfumes became more discreet in Europe, but they made some beautiful productions especially for the American market: Tendres Nuits (Tender Nights), Garden of Love and even Prends-moi (Take Me).
Since 1932, Isabey perfumes were bought by the Parisian Society of Perfumers, then the House closed its doors against the backdrop of the world war.


An endless story

Acquired in 1999 by the Panouge group, the saga of Isabey Paris, the legendary perfume house, continues today:
the legendary eau de parfums are presented in a bottle and a box, both timeless relics of the past. The timeless and unique Art Deco bottle of Bleu de Chine and the sophisticated box of Trésor Caché have been ideally combined to create a contemporary design.

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