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This perfume needs the skin to express itself, to tell its story, its intentions.



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Concentration: 20% I need you, Need_U. I need you. A few, simple words to represent a maximum, supreme need, a necessity. In this case, it is the perfume that invokes this need for the skin. Yes, perfume, this perfume, needs the skin to express itself, to tell its story, its intentions. No mouillettes, no dresses. Leather and only leather. If you have this union, then Need_U releases all its seductive force. The opening citrus note of lemon and the rosy note of pink pepper dance with Hedione HC giving a candid hint of jasmine, while white flowers and sea spray settle on a base rich in white musks and fascinating molecules such as Ambroxan. Molecules that adhere to the skin, like a dress, implementing an equal exchange: perfume and skin, skin and perfume. Need_U is a unisex perfume, a message of love without borders, without gender.

Top notes Italian lemon, pink pepper

Heart notes White flowers, Jasmine (Hedione HC), Sea spray

Base Notes Ambroxan, Sandalwood, White Musks

Laboratorio Olfattivo

That of Laboratorio Olfattivo is the story of a project born in 2009 from the passion of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago for the world of artistic perfumery.

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Amyris wants to guide you in this fantastic world of essence seekers, dreamers, artists. Raw materials from exotic worlds or fragrances that remind us of past times; Sensory dimensions capable of unleashing intense and different feelings and moods.The care we put into our work is consequent to the awareness of selling, even before artistic perfumes, emotions and sensations that will remain linked to those who buy them or those who receive them as a gift.The continuous search for the best fragrances, direct knowledge with perfumers and the passion that drives us are certainly the best guarantee when you choose Amyris: a complete service that wants you to discover the world of essences. We offer a free sample service, as well as samples to choose from with each purchase. If the perfume is for a special occasion, we will take care of presenting it with the appropriate packaging. We are available for all your doubts or curiosities.
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