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Amira is an olfactory dimension where you can let yourself be transported wherever you want.
«Our creations are born from the emotions of each of you with the intention of leaving them alive forever. We have created a collection by listening to the needs of our audience; creating a perfume is like making a tailored suit, it envelops you and makes you feel confident wearing it because you know it's perfect for you. Highlight your personality and express who you are without any words.
The experience and professionalism of the founder wanted to clearly express his concept: few words, great emotions...
«Ours is a real vocation towards smells to which we dedicate absolute obedience and respect. A study, a journey through the paths of the soul. Creating a perfume is putting together a series of feelings, moods, the desire to tell one's story through olfactory art. The perfume we choose to wear is the representation of our “I”.

Each fragrance is unique, it contains excellent quality raw materials from all over the world to best enhance the originality of each individual ingredient. Made in Grasse, the motherland of perfume, where every element of it is carefully worked to give life to the smell that you will no longer be able to do without. The design of the bottle was conceived not as a simple object but as a real work of art mixing inspiration and craftsmanship, distinctive signs of Made in Italy.