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MAKE UP FOR EVER is a collective of makeup artists who co-create high performance products and services. Through our artistry we inspire and empower people to unleash their personal edge.

Since its founding in 1984, MAKE UP FOR EVER has partnered with professional makeup artists to stay at the forefront of technological, formal and artistic advances, offering everyone access to all products and benefits.

Education and broadcasting are at the heart of the brand's mission. MAKE UP FOR EVER is the only brand with a worldwide network of makeup schools from Paris to Shanghai: the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is passionate about diversity and individuality, encouraging everyone to bring out their uniqueness, reclaim it and have fun with it. At MAKE UP FOR EVER, we are a team, we are your team and everyone is welcome.


Dany Sanz, a former Fine Arts student, founded MAKE UP FOR EVER in 1984 to address the unmet needs of makeup artists. In the 80s the makeup universe lacked creativity with very few products available and a limited number of shades.

He began developing highly pigmented, high-performance formulas paired with bespoke tools and brushes. A real revolution in the world of makeup: a creative and innovative brand with products designed for everyone. Dany Sanz has been teaching makeup techniques for the past 40 years and has inspired generations of makeup artists and onwards as a true pioneer. His legacy lives on.

“The products are serious, but the make-up remains a game. I wanted to create a universe of freedom by imagining infinite high-tech colors with simple products for an ultra-long lasting result. I wanted makeup to become a source of inspiration, a real field of possibilities”. Dany Sanz, Founder of MAKE UP FOR EVER