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“The First Olfactory Travel Guide in the world”




These fragrances are part of the new Wolf Scent olfactory journey. It is "the Wolf" who opens his house with the desire to make people fall in love with his imagination. Retracing the "universal way" that starts from a small and almost unknown Italian island crossing countries of ancient Europe and overseas. A new sensory journey where courage gains strength and the olfactory journey becomes intriguing until it becomes insolent. It is the most hidden and rebellious path that each of us has. It is the hidden strength of the wolf that stimulates each of us. A Made in Italy that overturns every rule made of natural raw materials with sometimes forgotten combinations. The pack: It is modernity and simplicity of Made in Italy. It is the first "olfactory travel guide" in the world. The bottle represents the blank page of a book to leaf through and you can find its story in the emotion of the fragrance. Here you perceive "the road" that becomes a "journey" and tells about you and the desire to "discover" and invites you to travel and the journey becomes a memory. The red color: it is the thick cover of the book. Collect the path. In addition to always being the symbol of love and passion, it is the color that represents the story of the Buddha's life full of positive meanings. It is the color that protects and defends and is full of positivity